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The North Sound Conservancy will be five years old in July of 2012.  Since its inception, it has stayed true to its mission of serving as a grassroots organization for people dedicated to the proper, effective, and appropriate use of land in Skagit and Whatcom Counties here in Washington State.  We are thankful for the resources, enjoyment, and beautiful surroundings these lands provide to all of us.  We realize that we live in a special place that needs to be managed properly, effectively, and appropriately while maintaining a balance between self-sustaining resources, recreational use, esthetic beauty, and private ownership rights.  We believe that the owners of the land have the fundamental right to the peaceful, private enjoyment of their land, while retaining an inherent responsibility to preserve and protect that land for themselves, their neighbors, and their communities.  As such, we encourage them to be good stewards of the land protecting it for future generations.  We encourage and support those state, county, and local agencies that have regulatory and protective control over all lands, so long as they foster and protect ideals compatible with our own.  We will also be alert for, and vigorously oppose, those individuals or special interest groups that would subvert private landowners' rights and freedoms.

We live in a unique, special, and beautiful place.  Landowners and responsible agencies need to continue working together to preserve and enhance our land.  The North Sound Conservancy is here to help, and we appreciate your interest.

Robert J. Rauch, NSC President





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